Fundamental study on numerical evaluation for performance of retrofit of steel members by FRP

高橋 一生 (Kazuki TAKAHASHI) 

Recently, the fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) has been used for repairing or strengthening of steel structures. Since FRP sheets or plates are bonded onto steel members with the adhesive, it is necessary to prevent debonding of FRP members. In order to investigate the behavior and the failure of retrofitted member by FRP, a lot of experimental works have been done and reported. However, it is difficult to conduct experiment steel structures in service. Therefore, this paper proposes a finite element method that is able to simulate debonding of retrofitted steel members with FRP. To this end, a finite element contact analysis considering energy release rate of interface is developed. The feasibility of proposed method is examined through a couple of simulation of debonding experiment of retrofitted steel members.

Key Words : FEM,contact, steel I-beam, FRP plate, bond, peeling, energy release rate